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Altogether different experience

Altogether different experience with a blend of so many different skills was the most fruitful part I had gained from ..

Good coach, great mentor

Brought an openness to the curriculum which encouraged the students to contribute and learn beyond the books.

Awesome experience

Attended the workshop on entrepreneurship by growthfoundation, awesome experience and the knowledge shared helped us in sharing our ideas.

Bundles up many things

It is not only to get a job or to learn a skill, instead this course inculcates in you qualities which helps you start your own venture also, or for that matter expand your current Family businesses with your innovative ideas and market trends.

Hats off!

Great knowledge, and techniques regarding how to market a business. Hats off!

Ideas came up

I attended an entreprenurship workshop by Neeraj sir from growthfoundation. Workshop will be useful for us in the future as …

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We provide mentoring for startups, and certification courses for all students and professionals. You can benefit by learning new skills, gaining relevant and updated knowledge, and getting better opportunities (by adding a credible certificate in your CV as well as through our corporate tie-ups for placements and projects).

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