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We have a myth that MBA is just another master degree which gets you a good job in some Commerce Specialisation. Some people compare it with bachelors of commerce, thinking that its just an extension of it and nothing more.


But here I would like to share my experince about this course and the importance of it. Since I also have done my MBA in marketing, for me this course is an overall personality development course, along with the technical aspects. This course takes you into the reality of the market, it shows how the corporate world works actually, which is way more than just the theorotical aspects..obviously with the help of different projects and opportunities.


It is not only to get a job or to learn a skill, instead this course inculcates in you qualities which helps you start your own venture also, or for that matter expand your current Family businesses with your innovative ideas and market trends.


The course bundles up many things inside it. This was a small snapshot of my course experience, which helped me a lot to grow into my career.


With Gratitude.


(Sanjay was a student of one of our offline marketing course.)

Sanjay Gunani MBA from GLS; Member, Qatar Airways, Doha

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