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Responsive platform can also be used in tablet/mobile devices


In-depth coverage

Interviews, case studies, audio, video, books, assignments and quizzes in the courses


Badges & Certificates

Earn certificates and badges that can add a charm to your profile/CV


Groups and Forums

Stay forever connected with your study group and instructor

What we do

We solve three problems of most startups/students: relevant knowledge, relevant opportunities, and relevant community.
The courses give you cutting-edge information and practical knowledge. The courses are delivered in a mostly-online fashion (some courses may include books). They use ebooks, quizzes, assignments, videos, audio and interactive sessions as part of the course-delivery. There are also social networking features to connect to like-minded people. And we tie up with companies to also provide projects (or sometimes placement opportunities, if needed) to our students.
Students also receive a course completion certificate.

How we do it

We tie-up with instructors or have in-house instructors for the courses. The instructors must have a strong academic background as well as real-life industry experience. This ensures that the course is more about practical knowledge than theory. 
There are also one-to-one mentoring elements in all our programs, and even support for placement/projects with industry if required by the students.


Our Courses

About GrowthFoundation

We provide mentoring for startups, and certification courses for all students and professionals. You can benefit by learning new skills, gaining relevant and updated knowledge, and getting better opportunities (by adding a credible certificate in your CV as well as through our corporate tie-ups for placements and projects).

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