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Startup Ace – Installment One


Startup Ace – Installment One

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This is the first installment for the Startup Ace Program. The payment is made in two installments split over 30 days. The 14 day moneyback guarantee still applies on this program, but the second payment must be made within 30 days to enjoy uninterrupted access.
Live your startup dream! A program for start-up owners and for those who want to discover entrepreneurship as a career option.

The program is a mix of online and offline training and mentoring; as well as community; and is designed to give you the confidence, skills and clarity to build a truly awesome startup!

The program is a mix of ONLINE + OFFLINE training and mentoring; as well as community; and is designed with the following elements:-

Part 1: Training (Online Video Course)

  • This part is divided into seven pillars (with 6 to 20 video sessions for each), which cover:
    • Pillar One: The idea & model
    • Pillar Two: Product Development
    • Pillar Three: Team
    • Pillar Four: Sales & Marketing
    • Pillar Five: Raising Money
    • Pillar Six: Other Business Functions
    • Pillar Seven: Scaling Up
  • There are also bonus modules with interviews and various other startup resources.
  • The entire course is designed to be consumed at a steady pace over 18 weeks. It is designed to fit in easily with your business/job/education schedule.
  • Please see the ‘curriculum‘ for more details of what is included in each startup success pillar.

Part 2: Mentoring for Your Dream Project

  • One-to-One mentoring over 10 phone calls with experts in different fields.
  • The expertise ranges from topics like business strategy, raising funds, web-development, digital marketing, technology, media & PR, etc.
  • Optional industry project (with a startup) for those who’re not yet prepared for taking the leap into business

Part 3: Coaching

  • Entrepreneurship can be really tough if you’re at it alone. We will be with you, to coach you, help you set goals and milestones, and ensure you follow through on them. The coaching sessions are initially weekly, then bi-weekly, and then once a month.

Part 4: Ticket to a live event

  • As a part of Startup Ace, you also get a ticket to a live training event conducted by Mr. Rajesh Srivastava. These events are periodically conducted in metros like Mumbai or Delhi. In case you’re unable to visit this event, you can swap this for two extra sessions with startup mentors (mentioned in part 2)

Part 5: Investment Support

  • You will get support in creating a business plan, a business pitch, and then fine-tuning it to reach out to investors who are affiliated with us. We also organize a “pitch day” twice a year for the startups registered under Startup Ace, where startups can pitch to these investors.

Lifetime Access

  • Once you enroll, access to every resource is for lifetime.

Refund Policy

  • This program comes with a four-week 100% refund policy, no questions asked!

Introductory Offer Bonuses

  • Get the Internet marketing ace certification course (worth INR 4800/-) free with the Startup Ace package (offer valid only for June 2017 batch.)


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We provide online video-based courses for students and professionals, as well as for startup founders. You benefit by learning new skills, gaining relevant and updated knowledge, and getting better opportunities (by adding a credible certificate in your CV as well as through our corporate tie-ups for placements and projects).

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