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Course Curriculum

Introductory Week
SA: Introduction 00:00:00
SA: Structure 00:00:00
SA: Pre-launch campaign videos 00:00:00
SA: Interview with Mr. Rajesh Srivastava 00:00:00
Pillar 1: Idea & Model
SAW1U1: How fit are you for entrepreneurship? 00:15:00
SAW1U2: Taking the leap; Ensuring Productivity 00:14:00
SAW1U3: Common mistakes to avoid 00:20:00
SAW1U4: A new way to look at your time 00:13:00
SAW2U1: Idea generation; traits of a good idea 00:00:00
SAW2U2: Evaluating Opportunities 00:34:00
SAW2U3: The Feedback Loop 00:00:00
SAW3U1: Validating your idea 00:00:00
SAW3U2: Understanding demographics and trends 00:15:00
SAW3U3: Having a bigger mission 00:00:00
SAW4U1: Organizing the Enterprise 00:00:00
SAW4U2: Building the business model & plan 00:00:00
SAW4U3: Moat against competition 00:00:00
SAW4 BONUS: Interview with Mr.Dhaval Shah 00:00:00
Pillar 2: Product Development
SAW5U1: Role of innovation 00:00:00
SAW5U2: Customer-centricity 00:00:00
SAW5U3: Strategy- Ensuring profitability 00:00:00
SAW6U1: Product Metrics 00:00:00
SAW6U2: Execution & Optimizing Operations 00:00:00
SAW6U3: Prototype/ MVP (Minimum Viable Product) 00:00:00
Pillar 3: Team
SAW7U1: Building the right team of Co-founders 00:00:00
SAW7U2: How to hire and whom to hire 00:00:00
SAW7U3: Motivating offshore teams and interns 00:00:00
SAW8U1: Training and Development 00:00:00
SAW8U2: HR issues in start-ups 00:00:00
SAW8U3: Firing employees 00:00:00
Pillar 4: Sales & Marketing
SAW9U1: Entrepreneur = Salesman 00:00:00
SAW9U2: Selling your idea and vision 00:00:00
SAW9U3: Effective Sales Communication 00:00:00
SAW10U1: Marketing a start-up in the digital world 00:00:00
SAW10U2: Pricing your product or service 00:00:00
SAW10U3: Marketing in the 21st century 00:00:00
SAW11U1: Finding strategic partners 00:00:00
SAW11U2: Content Marketing 00:00:00
SAW11U3: Growth Hacking 00:00:00
Pillar 5: Raising Money
SAW12U1: Getting Funding; Understanding Valuation 00:00:00
SAW12U2: Types of funding; Advantages and Disadvantages of external funding 00:00:00
SAW12U3: Shareholding structure; ESOPs 00:00:00
SAW12U4: How to pitch to an investor 00:00:00
Pillar 6: Other Business Functions
SAW13U1: Mastering accounts 00:00:00
SAW13U2: Effective financial management 00:00:00
SAW13U3: Economics 00:00:00
SAW13U4: Legal aspects to consider 00:00:00
Pillar 7: Scaling Up
SAW14U1: Scaling up: New Challenges 00:00:00
SAW14U2: Building and maintaining a strong company culture 00:00:00
SAW14U3: Harvesting your company: Do you want to sell your company? 00:00:00
SAW14U4: Valuation at this level 00:00:00
Bonus Modules
SAW15U1: Insights & Interviews of successful entrepreneurs 00:00:00
SAW15U2: Understanding and leveraging Indian start-up ecosystem 00:00:00
SAW16U1: Angel Networks 00:00:00
SAW16U2: VCs 00:00:00
SAW16U3: Incubators & Accelerators 00:00:00
SAW16U4: Mentors 00:00:00
SAW16U5: Communities 00:00:00
SAW16U6: Banks 00:00:00
SAW16U7: Government policies 00:00:00
SAW17U1: Case Studies & Interviews: Big Scale Start-ups (over 1000 Cr. Revenue) 00:00:00
SAW17U2: Case Studies & Interviews: Mid-Scale Start-ups (20 Cr. to 200 Cr. Revenue) 00:00:00
SAW17U3: Case Studies & Interviews: Self-financed and successful Start-ups 00:00:00
SAW17U4: Case Studies & Interviews: Start-ups at different levels of funding 00:00:00
SAW18U1: Recommended books and downloadable eBooks 00:00:00
SAW18U2: List of Indian Venture Capital firms 00:00:00
SAW18U3: List of Indian Incubators & Accelerators 00:00:00
SAW18U4: List of Angel Investors and Angel Networks 00:00:00
SAW18U5: Options for shared office spaces 00:00:00
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