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We assist you in taking your career to the next level!
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We're a group of IIM alumnus. We're here to influence aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage startups, and young business professionals in their journey to hyper-growth. 

We have introduced practical, cutting-edge information in our online programs. That's the type of information that you can use immediately, and see positive results. The personal mentoring also allows us to cater to the entrepreneur in the specific domain or industry they are in.

The courses are delivered online using video, audio, PDFs, online quizzes, assignments and forums. This gives you flexibility with timings. It allows us to get the best teachers and coaching material for you. The plethora of resources are optimized to ensure minimum lag-time even with slow internet connections.

The instructor and coordinators will be available via phone, email or skype to help you at your stuck points. You also get one-to-one mentoring on your specific niche. Also, you will get ample space to stay connected to your peers and instructors even after the program.

No matter how good the trainer and course content is, it’s meaningless if you don’t stick with it. We have to get teams to work together. When you join a Growth Foundation course, you’re matched with a virtual classroom, where a small team (your classmates) of fellow trainees from around the country. Our trainers will educate and motivate you to stick to the program. You’ll log your progress on our groups and forums.

On completing the course with the minimum requirement to pass, you receive a Growth Foundation certificate. This certificate is not accredited with any other institution, however it is recognized by leading companies and startups in the country. Also you receive additional badges for completing the course on time, scoring well in your first attempt, etc. 




Our Team


Neeraj Ramnani [ Founder & Instructor ]

[email protected]


Rajesh Srivastava [ Mentor ]

[email protected]


About GrowthFoundation

We provide mentoring for startups, and certification courses for all students and professionals. You can benefit by learning new skills, gaining relevant and updated knowledge, and getting better opportunities (by adding a credible certificate in your CV as well as through our corporate tie-ups for placements and projects).

GrowthFoundation: Take your dreams to the next level

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