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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from receiving a certificate which you can highlight in your CV, we also liaison with relevant companies (depending on the course) which offer Pre-Placement Interview opportunities depending on your performance in the course. This depends on course to course, and offer to offer, so you will need to see individual courses for such information or offers.

We focus on complementing any management learning or experience, focusing on practicality above all else. So the tools, strategies and tactics you'll learn, you can use right away in your own or your company's products. 

Yes, it will be couriered to your address if you successfully complete a course. 

The instructors are going to be different for every course, but we ensure (a) relevant education from top notch institutions (b) at least 4 years of relevant work experience (c) a successful background in coaching.

Yes, all courses come with a 100% refund option (no questions asked) within the first week (or first half of the course duration, whichever is lesser).

Every course gives options to interact with the instructor as well as with peers via forums.

No, the courses can only be viewed from our website, except in cases where we provide SD cards or CDs. However internet speed is not a major constraint as the course is optimized for performance with even a slower internet connection.

 This depends on the instructor. If the course offers a retake option, it will be explicitly stated in the course information page.

The certificates are issued by growthfoundation.in (unless explicitly speficied in a course). We liaison with relevant companies that recruit for the skills taught in these courses, to (a) recognize these certificates for their job shortlistings and (b) offer pre-placement interview offers to candidates who perform well in the course. The details of which companies recognize which certificate are available on the course information page.

About GrowthFoundation

We provide online video-based courses for students and professionals, as well as for startup founders. You benefit by learning new skills, gaining relevant and updated knowledge, and getting better opportunities (by adding a credible certificate in your CV as well as through our corporate tie-ups for placements and projects).

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