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Course Curriculum

Module 1: List Building
I M Ace Introduction FREE 00:16:00
I M Ace M1U1 List building: What is it? 00:17:00
I M Ace M1U2 Designing an email magnet 00:28:00
I M Ace M1U3 Creating autoresponders 00:12:00
I M Ace M1U4 Building social media followers 00:21:00
I M Ace M1U5 Deciding your key metrics 00:13:00
I M Ace M1U6 Getting affiliates 00:12:00
I M Ace M1U7 Why email is king 00:13:00
I M Ace M1Q 00:05:00
Module 2: Relationship with the list
I M Ace M2U1 Understanding your prospects 00:14:00
I M Ace M2U2 Boomerang principle 00:00:00
I M Ace M2U3 Designing the offer 00:16:00
I M Ace M2U4 The importance of positioning 00:09:00
I M Ace M2U5 Psychological Triggers (part 1) 00:16:00
I M Ace M2U6 Psychological Triggers (part 2) 00:11:00
I M Ace M2U7 Getting more click-throughs 00:07:00
I M Ace M2Q 00:04:00
Module 3: Essential Tools
I M Ace M3U1 Email Marketing Tools 00:18:00
I M Ace M3U2 Website designing tools 00:16:00
I M Ace M3U3 Creating a facebook page 00:11:00
I M Ace M3U4 Running ads on facebook 00:19:00
I M Ace M3U5 SEO and Adwords 00:06:00
I M Ace M3U6 Twitter followers 00:12:00
I M Ace M3U7 Using YouTube for marketing 00:11:00
I M Ace M3Q 00:08:00
Module 4: Other tools
I M Ace M4U1 Creating & marketing a mobile app 00:17:00
I M Ace M4U2 Productivity Tools 00:07:00
I M Ace M4U3 Business management tools 00:11:00
I M Ace M4U4 Analytics tools 00:09:00
I M Ace M4U5 Design tools 00:07:00
I M Ace M4U6 Crowdfunding tools 00:04:00
I M Ace M4U7 Growth Hacking tools 00:10:00
I M Ace M4Q 00:06:00
Module 5: Case studies
I M Ace M5U1 Case-study 1 Practo 00:20:00
I M Ace M5U2 Case-study 2 Snapdeal 00:20:00
I M Ace M5U3 Case-study 3 HubSpot 00:20:00
I M Ace M5U4 Case-study 4 Zomato 00:20:00
I M Ace M5U5 Case-study 5 Amazon 00:20:00
I M Ace M5U6 Case-study 6 Jabong 00:20:00
I M Ace M5U7 Case-study 7 Colgate 00:20:00
Module 6: Interviews
I M Ace M6U1 Interview with Rajesh Srivastava 00:00:00
I M Ace M6U2 Interview with Ankit Doshi (Content Marketing) 00:00:00
Afterword and Supplements
I M Ace B1U1 Using WordPress to build a site 00:30:00
I M Ace B1U2 Using Mailchimp 01:15:00
I M Ace B1U3 Turn Expertise Into a Product 00:00:00
I M Ace: Frequently Asked Questions 00:00:00
I M Ace: Closing thoughts… 00:00:00

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