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Campus Ambassador Program

We're looking for driven and sincere students for our college campus ambassadorship program.

What does a GrowthFoundation.in Campus Ambassador get?
There are an insane amount of benefits to joining this program right now.

Here’s some things:

1) Certificate for the program

2) Certificate and badges for excellence/achievement on meeting certain basic parameters

3) Letter of recommendation from me on successful completion of certain criteria (sales/ number of students reached etc)

4) All the active campus ambassadors will get free passes to events and conferences and huge discounts or offers on our courses

5) An incentive of 25% of revenue (yes, that's not a typo!) for any sale generated

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How are the incentives decided?

Each campus ambassador gets a unique coupon code. Let's say an amabassador, Ajay, gets the code campusambassador20aj. If anyone purchases any of our courses with this coupon code, he or she gets a 20% discount on the course price. Additionally, Ajay gets 25% of the revenue as incentive.

For example, if Shivani buys a course worth ₹4800 on our website using the code, she will have to pay only ₹3840 (20% discount) for the course. Additionally, Ajay will get an incentive of ₹960.

Till when can you apply?

Applications for campus ambassadorship are open till end of June 2019.



To apply for campus ambassadorship, fill the form below

About GrowthFoundation.in and our courses and programs:

Growth foundation was started in 2015 by Neeraj Ramnani, an IIM Indore with a vision to give world class business education to startups, students & professionals at affordable cost.

Growth foundation has introduced practical, cutting-edge information in the online programs. The personal mentoring also allows it to cater to the participants in the specific domain or industry they are in. 
Our major products are I M Ace (Internet marketing certification course) and Startup Ace

About GrowthFoundation

We provide online video-based courses for students and professionals, as well as for startup founders. You benefit by learning new skills, gaining relevant and updated knowledge, and getting better opportunities (by adding a credible certificate in your CV as well as through our corporate tie-ups for placements and projects).

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