Which digital marketing courses should you do to get started?

How do you become a digital marketer or specialist?
Where do you start?
Which digital marketing courses should you do?
Which certifications should you get?
Is digital marketing something you learn from college or are online courses and certifications enough?
What are the most important skills for a digital marketer?

If you’ve had any of these questions, this blog should answer them.

Digital marketing is a very broad field…almost nobody can say that they know every aspect of digital marketing.

There are experts on just facebook ads, just social media content, or email marketing, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization — how you rank higher on relevant search results), or a hundred other things.

Even within these there are experts in smaller niches – for example a person who’s an expert on on-site SEO only, or who only does graphic designing for social media cover pages.

And for a beginner, the world of digital marketing can feel quite complex, as if it REALLY is rocket science.

So, to make it easier for anyone to understand the keys to becoming a digital marketing specialist, I’ve broken it into a few simple steps.

If you follow these steps, in a year or two you can confidently say you’re a digital marketer. (These steps presume a basic knowledge of how to use a computer, the internet, and smartphones.)

1) Start off with a broad introductory course. The first course should introduce you with PRINCIPLES as well as key TOOLS of digital marketing.

Principles are things you can apply no matter which technology or platform you’re using. Examples of these are copywriting principles or even basics of marketing strategy.

Tools may change over time, but if you want to get started in digital marketing you need to understand things like Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram ads, Social media management tools etc.

Luckily there are THOUSANDS of cheap or free tools which digital marketers can now use to make life extremely simple for them… no coding knowledge required!

I’ve designed one such course called “IMAce” (short for Internet Marketing Ace). You can check out all the details on the link.

2) After you’ve got a hang of the broad principles and tools, it’s time to hone-in to specifics. A great second step is to choose what you want to specialize in.

The options usually include:

1) Search engine optimization (SEO)
2) Google Ads (Adwords)
3) Social media ads
4) Copywriting
5) Graphic Designing
6) Content marketing
7) Social media pages/profiles management
8) Email marketing
9) Videography
10) Digital marketing strategy

Typically it is hard to get directly into a digital marketing strategy role, so if you want to get a job or start working as a digital marketing freelancer, you may want to pick one of the first 9. There’s plenty of scope in almost all of these, but the highest number of requirements are for SEO, Adwords, and Social media page management. Meanwhile, video is getting increasingly popular for brands every year, so you could consider developing specialized skills and deliver services for that as well.

For Adwords, Google provides many courses for beginners. For Social Media, you may consider this free course by Hootsuite. For content and inbound marketing, Hubspot’s course is incredibly useful.

3) Now that you have a broad overall understanding and have a chosen field, it is time to get practice. The best way, in my opinion, is to do a live project with a startup. This can be paid but is typically unpaid. However, do make sure they certify you for the work.

It is easy to approach a startup for digital marketing. Just write to them, tell them about your earlier learning experiences and how you can help them, get a foot in the door and start a project. Since it’s typically unpaid, people will be happy to work with you and give you some work. (Startups always have more work than they can handle!)

This way you not only develop some practical experience, but you also develop a strong profile for seeking any digital marketing jobs or freelance work.

Digital marketing is an awesome place to be right now. Digital marketers and digital marketing specialists are making more money than ever. There’s much more demand for good talent than supply.

So I hope you follow these steps and get on-board for an awesome digital marketing career.

If you’d like to get started, I believe the IMAce program is the perfect package for you. It provides a detailed course on digital marketing, as well as a guaranteed live project with a company. (I have made affiliations with over 25 startups for these projects.)

You can register here: https://growthfoundation.in/digital-marketing-course-signup

And for any doubts on digital marketing careers or about this blog, write to me on neeraj(at)growthfoundation.in.


About the author:
Neeraj Ramnani is the founder of WebKow.com and GrowthFoundation.in. He’s been teaching digital marketing for over 6 years, and has provided digital marketing consultation and services to over 35 startups and brands like the Adani group and the Arvind stores. He’s an SVNIT & IIM Indore alumnus.

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